Thursday, April 22, 2010

Triple plays and bitch fits.

So like a dumb dumb I didn't realize today was day game and missed most of the game! West coast road trips screw me all up.

The Yankees lost today but I don't really care because we have won every series so far, I'm not going to cry about one loss. The story of the game however was the Yankees making their first triple play since 1968. Pretty impressive. Is that promotion still going on where you get something free if the Yankees make a triple play? What was that? Shit. Can't remember.

The other story of the game was Dallas Braden flipping out on Alex Rodriguez for running over the pitchers mound at some point. Dallas Braden threw a bitch fit in the dugout as well. When asked after the game about what happened, Braden said "if it happens again there will be repercussions." Are you serious Dallas? You will get bitch slapped like the bitch you acted like today. Alex don't have time for people like you. You are not even on the radar. Don't get cute because you got yourself a win today buddy.

When the media asked A Rod about it, Alex (who was looking very GQ today I must say)just kind of laughed it off. "Such a shame for a guy who has so many wins." "I honestly didn't know what he was talking about and that he was talking to me." Alex is a funny dude. I don't doubt that he ran over the mound, but unless he started kicking the dirt or doing something to screw it up to affect the pitcher I don't see the big deal. Curious to see how this pans out.

On to the next one....



YankeeClipper64 said...

Nice entries, Mari...Oh!..BTW...I'm freakin' back! Yeah! Go Yankees!!!!

Philip said...

I believe that was a contest John & Suzyn were running on WCBS.