Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Yankee Crush Alert::

Francisco Cervelli.

I had the pleasure of going to tonight's game and watch this man rock it. I have always enjoyed Cervelli because he plays with such heart and energy. I love to watch a player get excited and go all in for the game as he surely does.

Francisco went 3 for 3 tonight and made a sparkling play to catch a popped up foul ball, falling into the dugout (very Jeterarian)- I was standing in section 120 for that catch and saw it good and close.

I'm also starting to buy into this AJ-Cervelli -pitcher-catcher thing. Numbers don't lie and AJ's numbers with Francisco behind the plate are way better than his numbers with Posada. I'm ready to start an online petition y'all!

All the above statements make Francisco Cervelli my Yankee crush of the week. We all know this changes quite often, lol.

Thank you for reading and being a loyal follower of the Yankeehottie blog!

Goodnight bitches!



YankeeClipper64 said...

Didn't know you were at the game. You picked a GREAT one! Enjoyed your blog entry (as always:)

Matt said...


Does my Cano Man crush beat your new Cervelli crush?

ponder that...