Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ooooh lookie here an update

Hi kids!

Once again I find myself terribly busy with work and life to update as much as I like. :( I can't even tell you when the last time I sat and watched a game in its entirety.  But I have been keeping track thanks to my fellow bloggers and the Yankees app on my blackberry. why is that we lose to all the shitty teams and beat the good ones? i still have alot of faith in the Yankees but as soon as July approaches I will be a nervous wreck! hahah.

I will be at the game this Sunday as well as the following Friday for the game vs the Mets (I want revenge!!!).

In two weeks I will FINALLY be on vacation! And that vacation happens to be following the Yankees on their west coast road trip! I will be in Arizona for he diamondbacks series then off to LA to see the Dodger series, should be a great time and I will be updating this blog everyday of the trip. I wonder what kind of trouble I could get into in LA? lol

Anyone have any suggestions of what to do and where to go in Arizona/LA? Let me know!!

Lets go Yankees!!!


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SportsGeek said...

When in PHX, get up early one day and go to the Grand Canyon. It's about 225 miles away (mostly interstate), so you're talking 3.5-4 hrs each way. But, it's worth seeing-- allow at least 2-3 hrs to take the whole thing in.

Maybe go to Sedona on a 2nd day. It's a very pretty, kitschy up-scale mountain/tourist town. It's about 120 miles, almost all Interstate- 2+ hrs each way.

Or the Coolidge Dam- 120 miles, 2.5 hrs- neat but small (definitely not the Hoover Dam or Glen Canyon Dam)

For more info, check Wikipedia.

Note- Phoenix will be quite Hot- 100+! The Grand Canyon and Sedona will be cooler due to their altitude.

Have fun!!