Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hey There Fans!

Note: Please Read the Headline In a Michael Kay Voice

My name is Chris Chavez. I am the newest contributor to Yankees Hotties. I am a sixteen year old New Yorker that lives and breathes Yankees and baseball 24/7. I attend one of Manhattan's most prestigious high schools and reside in Queens. But I remain true to the New York Yankees. I am hoping to become a journalist in the future, but for now writing articles that you will enjoy will remain one of my priorities.

I write for my school newspaper, The Review. This year I have been named Editor-In-Cheif of the Review. I am one of the most read writers on Bleacher Report and have written over 140 articles on that single site. I am the Yankees beat writer for MTR Media. Let's just say that writing about baseball and the Yankees is my passion.

Check out some of my work to get to know me better. I am excited to work on Yankees Hotties and contribute for some time to come!

Bleacher Report Sports Writer Profile:
*Over 100 Articles Posted on the Site*
*Featured Columnist*
*Ranked within the Top 150 of the site's most read (Currently 111)*

MTR Media Yankees Beat Writer for Bombers' Banter:
*Yankees Beat Writer Since February 2010*
*Discovered Through My Work With Bleacher Report*
*Interviews with famous Yankee fans and former players*


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