Saturday, April 24, 2010

Straight Gangsta.

I love that he takes his helmet off and goes back to touch the plate.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is love.

I am still searching and thinking of the perfect Yankee tattoo for myself. While looking for ideas I came across this....

Marilyn Monroe in a Joe Dimaggio Jersey with the original Yankee Stadium in the backgound. I was speechless.


Triple plays and bitch fits.

So like a dumb dumb I didn't realize today was day game and missed most of the game! West coast road trips screw me all up.

The Yankees lost today but I don't really care because we have won every series so far, I'm not going to cry about one loss. The story of the game however was the Yankees making their first triple play since 1968. Pretty impressive. Is that promotion still going on where you get something free if the Yankees make a triple play? What was that? Shit. Can't remember.

The other story of the game was Dallas Braden flipping out on Alex Rodriguez for running over the pitchers mound at some point. Dallas Braden threw a bitch fit in the dugout as well. When asked after the game about what happened, Braden said "if it happens again there will be repercussions." Are you serious Dallas? You will get bitch slapped like the bitch you acted like today. Alex don't have time for people like you. You are not even on the radar. Don't get cute because you got yourself a win today buddy.

When the media asked A Rod about it, Alex (who was looking very GQ today I must say)just kind of laughed it off. "Such a shame for a guy who has so many wins." "I honestly didn't know what he was talking about and that he was talking to me." Alex is a funny dude. I don't doubt that he ran over the mound, but unless he started kicking the dirt or doing something to screw it up to affect the pitcher I don't see the big deal. Curious to see how this pans out.

On to the next one....


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Noticable changes at Yankee Stadium (to a real fan)

I've noticed some significant changes as far as food options go at Yankee Stadium. It looks like some places didn't make the cut from last season.

The first thing I noticed was that there is no longer "Mikes Arthur Avenue Italian Deli"- which does not shock me being that for $12.00 dollars I expect a big hero and not something the size of mom's grilled cheese. In it's place is something called "Pizza Fritta". I was all excited walking over thinking it would be something like a pizza pocket, but no, its a desert. It tastes like a churro and its stupid. I don't expect it to be there next season or even half way through this season.

The Boars Head deli that was in the food court has now been replaced by a frozen drinks stand. Laugh now, but come the warm weather I bet you see alot of daiquiris around the stadium!

La Esquina Latina is gone. Which @Matt_Harris will tell you is a dream come true. He has never gotten over their horrible job of wrapping burritos. In its place is an NYY Steak express. Basically more steak is now available to you in the form of a sandwich. $15.00 gets you steak on a wEck. I don't eat much meat but I may have to give in to finally review this sandwich and Lobels steak sandwich. I have however eaten at the the actual NYY Steakhouse and had the surf and turf which was simply SCRUMPTIOUS!

There is now a Yankee Women's apparel store on the field level. Last season it was a space selling Yankee fine art. I LOVE THIS! Its about time, haha. And I must admit that the ladies gear is really cute and fun. I will be hitting it up on my next visit.

Things that have not changed:

There is still no orange slices served at The Beers of The World outpost!!! For $11.00 a beer I want a fresh orange slice with my Blue Moon dammit! Last game me and Melissa brought our own in a ziplock!

Customer service: I am all for hiring senior citizens and handicapped people but what is the excuse for the rest of the people working at Yankee Stadium? If you are going to hire people to pour beer on tap they should be at the very least taught how too. Sheesh.

That's all I have noticed so far...I will do further inspection on my next visit and maybe even have a steak :)


I've got two games in the bag this season...

And we won both ;)

Not that the Yankees need me to be a good luck charm right now, they have been on a roll winning their first four series. Pitching, offense and defense have all been clicking (except whatshisface, Javier something?). The Yankees are by far and away the best team in the AL. The scary part is that everyone is not even warmed up yet (Mark Teixiera and Nick Swisher for example.). Once everyone is up and running its going to be INSANE!

I went to the stadium for the home opener and last Saturday. The home opener was great. Watching the Yankee's receive their World Series rings was really special. The fact that Hideki Matsui was on hand as well was fabulous. I have to admit that I got a little misty eyed watching he boys jump on him and exchange hugs after he received his ring. Every time Matsui came to bat he received grand cheers from the Yankee Stadium crowd. People can say alot of things about Yankee fans but they have to admit, we give credit where credit is due.

On Saturday I went to he game with my best friend Melissa. Some Yankeehottie faithful know her as "that blonde chick with the bombs.". We had seats way in the upperdeck so we spent the day walking around. Anyone who knows me knows I WILL NOT sit in the upperdeck due to sheer anxiety. I just can't get comfortable up there I start to feel paralyzed to my seat. Some call this me being spoiled. Whatever it is, it sucks. So me and Melissa made our rounds and walked over to the Beers of The World outpost in center field for our Blue Moons. As we walked past Mohegan Sun Bar we were asked by a manager if we wanted to come in. "Yes!" was obviously the answer. I think they were just trying to fill the place up a bit with really good looking people ;) Made some cool friends in there and then watched the rest of the game outside in standing areas...that's what I love about the stadium, you can have a great time even if you don't have a seat.

After the game we headed across the street to Billy's. I swear that place is the Jersey Shore of River Avenue. Except everyone in Yankee gear. I'm no going to lie, I found myself getting shitty in Billy's and acing a fool....full out dancing in there. How could you not?! Alcohol, thumping sound system and drunk Yankee fans. All the ingredients for a good time right? Even though I feel a bit trashy everytime I walk out of there. I try to keep my Billy's trips to a minimum. lol All in all me and Melissa had a fantastic time.

It felt good going to the Stadium, kinda of like going home :) If you ever see me at a game feel free to say hello, some of you say you see me pass you but don't say anything! I am crazy but I don't bite. Unless you want me too ;) My next game is April on the look out!

Go Yankees!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joe West is Cranky

Joe West had some choice words for the Yankees and Red Sux yesterday. He complained to the Bergen Record that the games take too long.

"They're the two clubs that don't try to pick up the pace," said West, chief of the umpiring crew that worked the three-game series in Boston. He was the home plate umpire Sunday. "They're two of the best teams in baseball. Why are they playing the slowest?

"It's pathetic and embarrassing. They take too long to play."

While it is true that the rivals games do take longer than usual it is not Joe's place to say any of the above comments to a newspaper. Its the YANKEES VS REDSOX! Its always going to take longer, whether they design it that way for advertising etc. or the games really matter to both teams so they take their time as too not screw up, he is getting paid to do a job.

I don't get what he's so upset about. I guess he missed a hot dog eating contest or something judging by the looks of him.

Just concentrate on making the right calls Mr.West....perfect that then we will work on the game time. Deal?

What a schmuck.

Yankees win first series vs Red Sux.

A far cry from the first game of this series, where the Yankees seemed to be the ones who sucked, the Yankees got it together to take down the Boston Red Sox.

Pitching from both sides was stellar for this series. CC, AJ and Pettite were all good enough to get the job done with help from offense. Even Chan Ho Park was good enough last night to be used for 3 innings of relief last, the first game however, I could smell him stinking up the park from here. It was refreshing to see because in true Yankee fan fashion I was ready to write him off after one game.

In game 2 Joba was brought in for the eighth inning and was reminiscent of 2007 Joba Chamberlain. We even got treated to a fist pump! He didn't reach 98 mph in his velocity (nor do I believe he ever will again). We have seen flashes of his brilliance before. I can't be ready to think it will last. Everyone one is like "oh that's it, he's our eight inning guy." I don't think we can say that yet, he still needs to prove that he's not a head case and show that he can be consistent. Don't be surprised if you still see Joe Girardi toying with the bull pen for the next series or two.

Last night's win was made even sweeter because Curtis Granderson hit the winning homerun off of everyone favorite closer......Papelbon! Ha. I so enjoyed watching his eyes follow that ball out of the park. Suck it Papeldouche.

The Yankees have an off day today which bums me out but not so much since I will be working this evening and would have missed it. Another beautiful day outside today. Get out and enjoy it!

Smooches bitches,

Friday, April 2, 2010

2 Days to go

I can't believe we are just a couple of days away from Yankees baseball. I know this is going to sound dramatic but I feel more alive during baseball season....something to cheer for ya know? I know you know!

I'm very excited for Sunday because I finally get a day to relax, I work 6 days a week so there isnt much room for relaxation. I'm going to spend Sunday at my mom's house with my roomate and some friends. My roomate says she's making Tostadas. Can't wait to see this! I'm not sure yet what I'm going to make yet....I might just make something light like a salad or something LOL...ooooooh and guacamole. There must be guacamole!!! Its Mexican Easter y'all! I may need to pick up some booze for some "Yankee Hotties" but I'm leaning more towards making it a Blue Moon day. Nothing better than a Blue Moon with a fresh orange slice. Yum. I really want an Easter basket, like, seriously. If anyone out there in Yankee land makes this happen I will be eternally grateful!!

I just watched Nick Johnson foul a ball of his knee, that looked terribly painful. Hope the big guy is alright. Did that chub rock lose some weight? He was looking a little more svelte today.

Alright kids, If i don't check in have a GREAT Easter Sunday.