Monday, May 24, 2010

My day with the Mutts.

Yesterday was my first time at Citi Field, home of the Mets. I was invited by my friend Willie who is a huge Mets fan. I knew it was going to be a good time no matter what and I was really excited to check out the ballpark.

The game started at 8, however the tailgate started at 3. Willie and his friends were already set up and ready to go when I arrived. I must say that these boys came prepared for a tailgate! Tons of beer, a grill for the mussels, spare ribs, sausage and peppers and steak AND wiffle balls and bats for a game of ball. Yes, all that food and it was all delicious and gone. I have not played wiffle ball in years so I was so happy to play. I clearly need to work on my hitting skills though, ending the game without a hit. Shameful. I see a trip to the batting cages in my future. Only downfall to this this is that there is no porta potty in the park we were in. Yeah. Beer and no potty don't mix. Ladies and gents, I peed in a bush, just figured I would share that with you. I know your turned on now.

After the game, food and booze we headed to the park. From the outside Citi Field is immediately pleasing to the eye. I love all the brick work. Inside the stadium is very open, almost feeling like an outdoor mall. No matter where you are you can see the field. There is a ton of concessions offering food and beer (hot dogs seem to be in major abundance), but most importantly, a Shake Shack. Whoever thought of bringing Shake Shack in there was a genius. Our seats we're very high up, like section 520, second row from the top high. Oddly enough I didn't have an anxiety attack. Is Yankee stadium higher than Citi? Because in Yankee stadium I would have never been able to sit there for more than 2 minutes. Anyway, I love me a subway series with crazy Mets fans and Yankee fans. I did have to endure Willie taking his Yankee fan hate out on victims as I had to sit with my mouth shut, even prompting one Yankee fan to turn around and say "I'm only 17." haha Shame on you Willie! Hey I'll let everyone have their fun, their Mets fans, they don't get much to cheer about!

Even MORE genius then Shake Shack is that there is a McFaddens inside. By the 8th inning I was in McFaddens because I desperately needed to continue drinking after the Yankees embarrassed themselves. Sexy bartenders in skimpy sports gear dancing on the bar inside of a ballpark? What more do you need? That place must clean up...CASH ONLY! Smart people in there. Overall I really enjoyed my time at Citi Field and would definitely go back to catch a game. Thank you to Willie for the invite, I'm going to brush up on my wiffle ball skills!

And since the Mets beat the Yankees...

Don't throw rocks at me when you see me please.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Deja VU

Why do I feel like we are back to figuring out a rotation???! I knew Vasquez was going to suck balls and now we have to revert to the bullpen for a 5th starter.....I do not like losing 2 in a row. Yes I'm a spoiled Yankees fan.

My yankee rally bra is NOT working. I need something brand new dammit.

Thats all folks...have a goodnight while I drink myself happy with Blue Moons!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

The AJ saga continues.

Well "bad" AJ Burnett made his first appearance in tonight's game against the Red Sux. I'm never going to figure this dude out but as long as I see "good" AJ more than the bad I'm ok. Something about Fenway has him shook. Effin Fenway.

This game is a wash as I type this and we are down to our last 2 outs of the game. Not even my rally bra could do anything! I'll take 2 out of # though.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's day! My day however was spent in bed with PF Changs as my mother pushed our mother daughter time until tomorrow....I think I will cook for her tomorrow. Maybe I will go with the coconut shrimp she loves.

I'm off to watch extra innings on the YES Network. Have a goodnight loves!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Yankee Crush Alert::

Francisco Cervelli.

I had the pleasure of going to tonight's game and watch this man rock it. I have always enjoyed Cervelli because he plays with such heart and energy. I love to watch a player get excited and go all in for the game as he surely does.

Francisco went 3 for 3 tonight and made a sparkling play to catch a popped up foul ball, falling into the dugout (very Jeterarian)- I was standing in section 120 for that catch and saw it good and close.

I'm also starting to buy into this AJ-Cervelli -pitcher-catcher thing. Numbers don't lie and AJ's numbers with Francisco behind the plate are way better than his numbers with Posada. I'm ready to start an online petition y'all!

All the above statements make Francisco Cervelli my Yankee crush of the week. We all know this changes quite often, lol.

Thank you for reading and being a loyal follower of the Yankeehottie blog!

Goodnight bitches!


Monday, May 3, 2010

When I go to the shooting range....

I like to aim at this picture.

I think its a good move not to pitch this dude against the Red Sox. I mean what else are the Yankees going to do at this moment? The Red Sox are playing terrible and if they get a win on us because of this sucky McSucky the fans will be livid.

If Javy doesn't get it together and shape up, what do you think the Yankee's next move is?