Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Calling all Yankee Bloggers!

Hi my loves! As I am sure you have noticed in recent months, I have become very busy with work and have not been able to connect with you all that much. But as I was jogging the other day I had a light bulb go off in my head...why not invite YOU to be a part of this blog!

So if you like to write about your favorite team, have a point of view you would like to share or even have your own site that you would like to cross promote please email me at with the subject title "Yankeehottie". Then I will add you as an author to this blog.

I look forward to hearing from some of you!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yankees @ Dbacks series

Greetings from Scottsdale!

We arrived here on Monday at noon to 105 degrees but I didn't give a shit because i just wanted to sip on something pretty by a pool. We are staying at hotel Valley Ho located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Valley Ho is a really cool retro hotel that was built in 1956. Very 50's Hollywood glamour which I adore. The rooms come complete with mood lighting and martini station. The pool here is straight out of a movie (which I believe there has been a number of them shot here), I could see Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack having a fabulous time here. I hear on Saturdays there is a crazy pool party that fetches close to 400 people...kinda bummed I will miss it but I am sure I will make my way back to the Valley Ho. I highly recommend it if you plan on visiting the Scottsdale area.

This is my first time to Arizona and was not quite sure what to expect besides the heat. Scottsdale is a beautiful area. Very clean and quiet and lots of fun little places to go. For some slammin authentic Mexican food I recommend Frank and Lupe's. I am still thinking about their shrimp enchiladas! So tasty. On a scale from 1 to 10 on Yankee Hotness scale they get an 8. I also checked out the Fashion Square Mall which is more of an upscale mall with stores that include Gucci and Louis Vuitton but also offers stores such as H&M and Forever 21. If hungry while shopping check out Kona Grill and try the avocado egg rolls. Delish.

Enough about all that though, lets get to the baseball stuff!

Chase field is very blah blah BLAHHHH. For a newer stadium I was really disappointed. I realize we are talking about the Diamondbacks but can y'all at least offer some better food choices than Panda Express and foot long bratwurst? Yes I said bratwurst and it smells awful! Blech. The stadium has a roof which makes it feel like a tin can and makes cell phone use impossible. No bueno. Stadiums like this make me even more grateful for our very sweet Yankee Stadium :)

I attended the Tuesday and Wednesday games, both of which we won. Yay!!!! Mariano made me sweat once again but it made the win that much sweeter, I actually have to say that it was the most entertaining game I have attended this season. Both The rays and Red Sox lost this evening making the Yankees 2.5 games ahead for first place.

I had so much fun here in Scottsdale and wish I had more time to check out the hot spots but I gotta keep it moving. Next stop Vegas!!!! The drive from here is about 5 hours I believe so time for me to get some rest. Expect a next post by Friday morning before I head out to LA for the Dodger series.



Sunday, June 20, 2010

in just a few hours

Ill be leaving to catch my flight to Arizona. Yay! The Yanks have won 2 outta 3 from the Mets and are in first place. Let's keep it that way. Time to whoop the DiamondBacks. Wish me a safe trip and if you're in the area contact me through email or twitter. Love you all.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ooooh lookie here an update

Hi kids!

Once again I find myself terribly busy with work and life to update as much as I like. :( I can't even tell you when the last time I sat and watched a game in its entirety.  But I have been keeping track thanks to my fellow bloggers and the Yankees app on my blackberry. why is that we lose to all the shitty teams and beat the good ones? i still have alot of faith in the Yankees but as soon as July approaches I will be a nervous wreck! hahah.

I will be at the game this Sunday as well as the following Friday for the game vs the Mets (I want revenge!!!).

In two weeks I will FINALLY be on vacation! And that vacation happens to be following the Yankees on their west coast road trip! I will be in Arizona for he diamondbacks series then off to LA to see the Dodger series, should be a great time and I will be updating this blog everyday of the trip. I wonder what kind of trouble I could get into in LA? lol

Anyone have any suggestions of what to do and where to go in Arizona/LA? Let me know!!

Lets go Yankees!!!