Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Opening day is near!

I am so happy to be sitting on my couch watching a Yankee spring training game! What makes it even better is that im watching the potential lineup for opening day. I think the line up is pretty killer, or should I start using the word gnarly a la Charlie Sheen?? Yea I think im going to start embracing "gnarly". What was I saying? Oh yes, opening day is right around the corner! Yesssssss! Im also thrilled right now that the Yankees are whooping the Orioles ass right now!

Is Jesus Montero going to make this team because I need something young and big too look at this season.....Please!!

So any of you going to opening day? Or what game will be your first? Im still trying to figure out which Im going too....hit me up and let me know!!!


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Anonymous said...

finish the surgery yet you freak?