Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yep, thats what the Yankees do and that's exactly what happened today. 

Opening day told fans alot about what they should expect this season. The lineup was efficient today, maybe not exactly how Girardi expected but it panned out.  CC was a little shaky today (which I expected) but he kept the boys in the game. He and Justin Verlander put up a pretty good fight making this game a nail bitter for a while. Joba came into the 7th inning and I covered my eyes in fear.  Turns out homie SHUT IT DOWN! Now if he could just get himself some Rogaine, did you guys see that hairline? Yikes! He looks puffy and old as hell.  Anyway, moving on.....Soriano did his thing in the 8th and Mo came in to be, well, MO.  He ended the game in classic Rivera fashion.

Brett Gardner bunted twice today, one of those times I think on his own reasoning.  He was shown talking to Joe Girardi in the dugout afterwards, possibly explaining his actions while also doing his best Bruce Willis impression.  Both times he was successful in the sacrifice but his speedy little legs didn't get him on base this game.  Shocking I know.  Teixera broke his usual April slump by crushing a 3 run homerun to put the Yanks in the game...I was screaming, and wanting to makeout with him to show my appreciation. Looks like Tex's offseason work may pay off.

Curtis Granderson.  CURTIS GRANDERSON!!! Holy shit.  He was fantastic today.  he made a dope diving catch early in the game and then a few more redic plays in centerfield. He also smashed a homer off ex Yankee Phil Coke.  Lets pause here a minute.  WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED to Phil Coke?? He looks like he got pulled out of a drain.  No, wait...he looks like he should be living in a trailer waiting for his next score of Oxycontin. Jesus.  I'm so embarrassed to have had a sordid love affair with him. Ugh.  Back too Grandy...he had major star power today.  I look forward to him having a great season.

Oh and just in case you didn't know, if you are a Direct TV customer you may lose....YOUR MIND with all these damn commercials and graphics about there dispute with the YES Network.  # annoying

I didn't  go to today's game which I was bummed about but I'm not upset because it look cold as hell out there!  But if you went your a trooper and hope you had a blast.

Baseball season is underway!!!! Yeah bitches!!!


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Larry said...

And Grandy's tater was off a lefty and Russell Martin contributed. It was a great start...