Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home opener and the return of my baseball happiness.

What up y'all??!! Happy baseball season to everyone.  Now we can all go back to being normal human beings and enjoy life again.  That was extreme, I'm speaking for myself actually.

So I had the pleasure of enjoying the first game of the season at Yankee stadium this past Friday thanks to my buddy Matt.  Felt good to be at the stadium again, good vibe in the air and it was a great game. I am however pissed that there are no new food options at the stadium.  I was expecting one or two new items!  I did a quick lap and didn't see anything so if I missed something please let me know. Why has nobody set that garlic fries stand on fire yet??? Jesusssss

**Thanks to @legendary4and9 who informed me that the wings section is new as well as fried oreos.  How did I miss FRIED OREOS??!!

Is there anything you would like to see added to the stadium?  I personally would like a better pizza option, we are in New York after all!  What do you think?

Here are some pics....

Jorge throwing out the first pitch...

A pic of this kid that just looked simply mortified by us for the entire game, I can't really blame him actually.

A pic of the dope show shirts my friend Matt makes, if your interested hit him up on twitter @matt_harris
I've never seen someone get stopped at Billy's so many times over a shirt!!

Ok I am going to enjoy the rest of the game that's going on now, 11-5 Yankees!!